School Profile: Academics, Athletics, and Activities at Rice University

Rice University is ranked #30 on the Veritas Prep Elite College Rankings. This is a small research university located right in the heart of Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the United States. Student will find themselves immersed in a campus devoted to diversity and elite educational opportunities. Rice University is passionate about teaching and developing leadership ideals in each of their students.

Their high values, comprehensive and well recognized residential college system, and devotion to giving each student the tools to rise to their own greatness is what makes them an elite University. They take pride in turning their already outstanding students into exceptional leaders in any field they choose. This is a University for students who want to impact the world in a grand way.

There are six areas of study offered at Rice: architecture, humanities, music, natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences. Each school offers a strict curriculum, created to make each student more than capable to become leaders in their desired fields. With more than fifty majors to choose from across the six schools coupled with complimentary minors, unique interdisciplinary, and professional programs to choose from, they provide the ultimate opportunities in higher education. Rice not only offers an excellent curriculum, but also superb research and collaboration opportunities to further each student’s skills.

Extensive curriculum options are just the beginning of student success at Rice; the advising program that was put in place to correctly guide each student in the right direction also plays a key role. In the first two years students will focus on their general education, using the second portion of sophomore year as the time to decide a major. Trained faculty and student guides help students declaring a major; students’ major guides stick with them throughout the remaining years making sure they are on track with their major. They also assist students in locking down research opportunities, internships, and other professional programs to reach their education goals.

Campus life at Rice University is unique; before starting day one on campus each student is randomly assigned to one of the eleven residential colleges. These are subdivisions within the University, with equal parts diversity in each one. The process is designed to give students the chance to enhance peer interaction among students, faculty, and staff. This system promotes the development of strong relationships and strengthens intellectual achievements. Within these residential colleges are student run governments, each with their own responsibilities within the college. To enjoy free time on campus and connect with fellow students, everyone is encouraged to join one of the more than 200 different clubs on campus. Along with excellent social clubs there is a wide variety of events featured on campus from theater arts to politics. Students can enjoy a multitude of lectures offered on a wide range of subjects throughout the year. The amenities are abundant on the Rice campus, the cinema, art gallery, and media center are just a few of the exceptional places to spend and few hours after classes.

Athletics and physical education are top notch at Rice University, with over 70% of students participating in one way or another. Along with sixteen Division I teams, there are intercollegiate club sports, college sports, and intramural sports offered at Rice. Every student gets free tickets to all home varsity sporting events, making it easy to show your school spirit and cheer on the infamous Owls. The Barbara and David Gibbs Recreational and Wellness Center is an exceptional part of Rice University. A forty-one million dollar facility that has an assortment of indoor and outdoor courts from basketball to racquetball as well as a dance studio, pools, weight-lifting areas, and more. Not only does this University boast state-of-the-art equipment, an array of athletic teams to participate in, but it also offers a multitude of outdoor activities, where you can sign up to go camping or kayaking among many others. Rice University might be known for their awesome academics, but it’s clear that they take just as much pride in their students’ health as well.

To attend Rice University is to belong to a school that takes pride in their traditions. Be ready to wear the blue and gray, and stand behind “Sammy” the Owl while singing the Rice Fight Song. Each semester offers a new tradition to take part in; during the fall students will be enthralled with the tradition of Welcome Back Week, as well as a wide range of events from homecoming to the activities fair. Nothing compares to the spring tradition of Willy Week, where you’ll enjoy festivities such as Beer Debates and International Beer Night. Rice University is about as well-rounded as they come paying equal attention to academics, athletics, community, and of course fun!

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By Colleen Hill