School Profile: The Innovation and Diversity of Brown University

Brown University is ranked number seventeen on the Veritas Prep College Ranking list. The quaint campus of this research school is located in the middle of the historic town of Providence, Rhode Island. Brown was founded in 1764 making it the seventh oldest school in the U.S; it offers a wide variety of degrees in seventy concentrations. This university is known for having the spirit of openness; they have proven this on more than one occasion, starting with becoming the first school to accept students from all religious backgrounds.

Innovation is in their nature from faculty to students; they showcased this in 1970 with the development of a new curriculum plan now known as the Brown curriculum. Attending Brown University will give you a well-rounded education allowing many students to succeed on a global level. At Brown, students are required to take ownership of their own academic career; this was done by eliminating the set core requirements for all Brown students. They are now able to design a curriculum plan that is specific to their goals and aspirations.

There are more than forty academic departments that offer about two thousand courses each year, making concentration requirements easy fit in the various student designed academic plans. Brown has an extensive library system that greatly improves the success of their students. With a multitude of services and programs designed for student success from public service to career development, Brown is dedicated to giving their students a plethora of resources to help them prosper. At Brown university global learning is a top priority, and this is shown thorough study abroad programs as well as international collaborations.

Brown University is dedicated to giving their students a comfortable and close-knit campus life. All student residence halls are surrounded by plush grassy scenery and well-designed courtyards. There are many different housing options for upperclassmen; they can even choose to house by themselves or with friends in a suite or apartment. First year students are required to room with one other person chosen at random in small fifty to sixty person housing units. Brown also gives their students choices such as housing in single-sex and quiet units as well as houses geared towards specific interests, like technology or art.

The town of Providence is a main part of campus life at Brown; rich with historic homes and buildings, it is a visually stunning place to take in when enjoying a long walk or bike ride. Filled with culture, there are many galleries, top notch restaurants, shops, and entertainment for students to enjoy. On campus there are two main dining halls, many snack carts, and almost a dozen eateries. The social life Brown offers is immense, with a large variety of student organizations, events, activities, performances, exhibitions, and so on. On this campus every day is unique, giving students a chance to experience something new that ignites their passions.

The athletics at Brown University are spectacular; approximately nine hundred students participate in thirty-seven sports teams. Unlike many other universities, women’s athletics are vast at Brown, with them making up twenty of the varsity sports teams. They’re ranked number one in the nation for their collegiate athletic program for women and fourth in the nation as a whole. Aside from varsity sports there are over fifteen intramural teams to participate in as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center that offers courses in everything from martial arts to yoga. Brown is committed to giving their students the equipment to live happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Brown University is a diverse and cultured school located in a historic town that wants to enrich young minds to be great additions to the world. They are committed to giving freedom to each individual student while encouraging them to grow by getting to know each other. This is highlighted by their promotion of interfaith dialogue between students while offering each religion the chance to express themselves openly through resources like the Manning Chapel. This forward thinking university has great traditions combined with a lot of fun while expanding the minds of their students.

When you start your education at Brown University, you enter through the Van Wickle Gates located on the Quiet Green. Welcomed by the Brown community, you will be begin your academic journey; just as you came in, you will exit Brown University through those same gates celebrated by friends, family, and alumni. This is a tradition and rite of passage for every Brown student. Just make sure you only pass through at these two times, or it is said you will be cursed with bad luck. During your time at Brown you will experience many long-standing and joyous traditions because Brown is more than a university, it is a close-knit community.

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By Colleen Hill