School Profile: A Closer Look at the Traditions of Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is ranked number twelve on the Veritas Prep list of the top sixty-one colleges in the United States. Located in Hanover, New Hampshire, it is a research university that offers a large selection of degrees for undergraduates and graduates alike. Roughly 6,100 students attend this beautiful campus, designed around its exquisite natural setting. Founded in 1769 by Eleazar Wheelock, Dartmouth is the ninth oldest college in the United States.

Dartmouth takes an open-door approach to education. There are no designated office hours, and students are encouraged to spend time with deans and faculty anytime it’s necessary. Personalizing the college experience is a top priority at Dartmouth; most of your professors will know you by name and invite you to dinner in your first week on campus, just so they can get to know you.  The student population is extremely diverse: cultures from all over the world attend with almost 40% of students being of color.

The faculty at Dartmouth expect their students to change the world, so they make sure and give them the tools to make that happen. They have a year round academic calendar that allows you to take personal responsibility for your own education. You decide when to study on campus, study abroad, gain work experience, take an internship, and more. The flexibility of your studies also allows you to create your ideal academic program. Choose from over fifty majors and add a minor or discipline to have a more well-rounded education. One of the greatest benefits at Dartmouth is the ability to study abroad multiple times during your college career; joining research projects with talented professors in several fields is also of great benefit.

Campus life at Dartmouth college is close-knit with the majority of undergraduates living on the grounds. You can live in the residential halls, sorority and fraternity houses, approved co-ed spaces, or affinity and society houses. The food service is award-winning with five dining halls that serve all different types of food. There are also cafes located inside the library where you can take a well deserved break from your studies. With so many cultures on one campus, a multitude of organizations support all things spiritual and religious. Students’ safety is a high priority at Dartmouth, and the campus is equipped with 24-hour security guards. Students can enjoy nature’s wonders with hiking trails for the warmer seasons, and an ice skating pond during the winter months.

Dartmouth college has a large athletic department that has 34 division I teams that compete in eighteen different sports, and is also part of the Ivy League Conference and the ECAC. The college has invested over one hundred million dollars into improving athletic and recreational facilities since 2000. There are also more than 30 clubs and about 25 intramural sports students can participate in. Dartmouth College is dedicated to providing their students with a wide range of athletic outlets, with three-quarters of the student population engaging in at least one sport.

As one of the nine Ivy League colleges in North America, Dartmouth has a strong sense of tradition. One example is during homecoming weekend when freshmen students build a sixty-foot bonfire in the center of the Green. Alumni and faculty join them in giving recognition to the school and kicking off the start of a new term. Students can enjoy the winter carnival filled with fun outdoor activities like the polar bear swim and human dog sled racing, or take part in the Dartmouth Pow Wow, the second largest in the the northeast. Students who attend Dartmouth will also enjoy the Green Key weekend, filled with secret traditions and fun activities. Everything from an organic farm to concerts with elite artists can be experienced on campus. If you need a bit of extra luck on an exam or before a big game, rub Warner Bentley’s nose, the colleges own personal good luck charm. Free access to all athletics, dollar movie passes, and ten cent tea are just a few of the fun perks you’ll enjoy when attending Dartmouth College.

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By Colleen Hill