Top 5 Handles to Follow on Twitter for SAT Prep

Can’t get away from your Facebook or Twitter accounts? Using social media in your SAT prep is a great way to meet other students and take advantage of resources beyond the Official Guide. Follow these Twitter users to supplement your SAT practice!

To keep all of your SAT and college related tweets in one place, you can create a specific list for these handles so you aren’t distracted by your friend’s updates while you’re solving the free question of the day.


@VeritasPrepSAT – Of course we’re biased, but this is a great place to find SAT content and resources for college admission! More SAT blog content can be found here.

@SATquestion – A free SAT question each day from College Board!

@InsideCollege – A great twitter handle to follow when you are researching schools and filling out applications! 700+ lists with fun and interesting facts about schools all over the country and the world!

@CollegeBoard – The official testmaker’s website! An absolute must-follow for those looking to get the latest information on the SAT from the horse’s mouth!

@ApplyKit – A free tool to help you manage all parts of your college application process.

If you want to build out another Twitter list, or become more active in your application process on social media, it’s a great idea to start following your top choice schools as well. Pick out a few schools where you’re interested in applying and follow them to learn more about each program, campus, happenings, and more. We’ve handpicked a few schools that you may be interested in adding to your list.

@Harvard – With over 280,000 followers, they obviously have something to say! Not only do they keep you up to date on campus events, they keep you in the loop on current events too.

@Stanford – Stanford will always keep you informed with a steady stream of tweets including updates on news and events around campus.

@Yale – How can you say no with that dog on their page? Yale also tweets about current events, alumni gatherings, and more.

@UCBerkeley – If you’re a student at Cal, this is definitely a handle you’ll want to follow. They are always providing information on speakers, discussions, and transportation alternatives when necessary!

@UChicago – They tweet about current events, campus events, and even local events. If you’re already in Chicago, follow them to find out what’s happening around you.

Don’t forget to follow @VeritasPrepSAT, the largest privately-owned test preparation and admissions consulting provider in the world!

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Vivian Kerr is a regular contributor to the Veritas Prep blog, providing advice to help students better prepare for the GMAT and the SAT.