Introducing the Free Veritas Prep SAT Practice Test

SAT Practice TestAdmit it.  If you’re going to take the SAT, you want to know how well you might score before taking the actual test.  But you want to know NOW, not after a 4-hour practice test.  Luckily for you, what Veritas Prep has learned from its over 10 years of experience with the computer-adaptive standardized tests is that you can actually reach a very accurate prediction of a test-taker’s performance with a smaller set of questions than is currently on the full SAT.  Just like how Nate Silver could predict every state correctly for the 2012 presidential election using representative sampling, a well-designed practice test can accurately predict your SAT score in less than half the time of taking the full test itself.

This concept is how the Veritas Prep Free SAT Practice Test is able to give you an accurate prediction of your real SAT score even though it is half the length of a full SAT.  The practice test has enough questions with varying difficulty levels from each of the three multiple-choice sections (Critical Reading, Writing and Math) to give our scoring algorithm enough data to predict your likely SAT score with a high level of confidence.  Now you can finally get satisfactory answers to both questions “How will I do” and “How long is this going to take?”

After you complete the test, you will get a full breakdown of your performance by section, a prediction of your scaled score and your percentile vs. college-bound seniors.  You’ll also be able to compare your score to other users who have taken the Veritas Prep SAT Practice Test to see how well you did against Veritas Prep students, who are typically in the top 10% of students.  Additionally, each question has an explanation of the correct and incorrect answers so that you will be able to review which questions you got wrong and why.  So you will not only get an assessment of your abilities, you will also learn how to solve the questions you struggled with.

So why is Veritas Prep giving away this tool for free?  First of all, we’re confident that we’ve put together the best SAT program available and specifically designed for students who are already in or aspiring to be in the top 10% of test-takers and want to get into competitive colleges.  It’s why we only hire instructors from the top 1% of test-takers!  So naturally, we’re hoping that students who are searching for free SAT practice resources will learn about us and eventually enroll in our awesome SAT program.

More importantly, we are committed to offering great practice resources to our students and are constantly trying to improve the resources we have available.  Our SAT Practice Test isn’t just an assessment tool; it’s also a data collection tool that helps us measure, analyze, refine and ultimately improve our SAT questions.  We acknowledge that the College Board is second to none when it comes to accurate and realistic practice SAT questions—College Board owns the SAT test after all.  But College Board’s advantage comes from the fact that they collect a ton of data through offering an “experimental” section on each SAT test which does not count towards students’ scores, but helps the test writers see how new questions perform “in the wild.”  This data is used to gauge which questions are easy, medium or hard and which questions are the best differentiators of SAT skill.  The questions that are not performing well based on the data—maybe they are confusing or simply unfair questions—get thrown out and the good ones remain and get promoted to real SAT tests in future years.

In order to have the best questions and the best practice content, we at Veritas Prep have committed ourselves to “Think Like the Testmaker”, replicating the SAT by reverse-engineering the process that College Board uses to create the test.  The data we collect from the free practice test will allow us to offer realistic practice, identify challenging questions, discover common traps that students fall into and create better practice tools for our students.  So, as a result, by using our free practice test, you’re helping to make Veritas Prep’s SAT 2400 program even better.

What are you waiting for? Click here to check out the Veritas Prep SAT Free Practice Test and find out how well you would do on the real SAT!