Nominate a High School Teacher Who Deserves Recognition!

Perhaps it started on a January day in Chicago when elementary school students greeted teacher Frankie Beecroft, recently named Veritas Prep’s Worldwide Instructor of the Year, with an enthusiastic “Good Morning, Teacher of the World!” But maybe it started well before that, in classrooms and at dinner tables in Missouri and Michigan, New Jersey and Norway as the students who would become the leaders of Veritas Prep were inspired by teachers. Whatever the genesis, our lifelong appreciation of teachers and our firm belief that they deserve recognition for their yeoman efforts has led us here.

Teachers deserve recognition. If you can read this, you have a teacher to thank. If you’re on this blog because of your aspirations in higher education, you have several teachers to thank. But while society goes out of its way to honor salespeople, entrepreneurs, athletes, and the Employee of the Month at any restaurant or retail store, teachers aren’t afforded those opportunities to take a bow. With that in mind, Veritas Prep announces its 40 Most Influential Teachers Under 40 initiative.

It’s commonplace in business, sports, and entertainment for organizations to highlight the potential and accomplishments of up-and-comers with “40 under 40” articles and lists. Young teachers deserve the same recognition. Thousands of great, young teachers exist at the bottom of the seniority scale but often at the top of the energy scale. They’re in constant danger of pink slips or benefit cuts but they come to class each day with new ideas, new technologies, and newfound commitments to change students’ lives. They’re active in the school community, coaching teams and mentoring clubs and organizing activities. And they’re changing the world – just not necessarily in a way that Fortune or Forbes can individually honor them on a cover.

So let’s honor these teacher as best we can. Throughout the month of April, Veritas Prep is accepting nominations for the 40 Most Influential Teachers Under 40, and by the end of the school year we’ll announce our list and properly honor these vanguards who take it upon themselves to innovate, motivate, and elevate students to heights they didn’t know they had in them.

Do you have a teacher who opened your mind to new opportunities? Who helped you take an interest in a subject you previously hated? Who showed you the true meaning of doing your best and wouldn’t let you settle for anything less than that? Nominate your life-changing teacher and let’s take time out to recognize our most influential teachers.