Where Will Your High School Summer Program Take You?

Every year, high school students choose how they will spend their summer! Whether it be traveling to another country to help people in need, submersing themselves into an intensive language program, or obtaining a job or internship in their own backyard, there are a number of organizations to help students find the right summer program for them.

Now that it is the beginning of March, many programs are taking applications. What will you be doing over the summer?  Shannon Duff of Collegiate Compass, a college advising firm, has shared some tips to keep in mind when choosing a summer program.

Keys to Choosing a Summer Experience:

Pick a program that excites you and is in a current or new area of interest!

Remember that you are lucky to have the chance to do a program like this. BUT just attending the program is not the only thing that is going to help (1) you as a person, and (2) your college application. As I help my students to make decisions about summer programs, I ask questions like:

  •  “How will this help you to make a case for a major that interests you?”
  •  “How will you follow up on this experience when you come back home?” This is important! For instance — could you continue to raise money for a school abroad where you volunteered? Could you use your newly-honed Spanish skills to volunteer in an organization with mainly Spanish speakers?

With so many organizations and opportunities running around, take time to decide which one is best for you. Find a program that you are not only interested in, but can continue to be involved with once school starts again. Keep in mind how your summer program can help your college application as well.

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Shannon Duff is a college and goal-setting coach and the founder of Collegiate Compass. She holds both a BA and an MBA from Yale University, and with her experience in Yale’s undergraduate admissions office, her team can help you form a GAME PLAN for the college admissions process!