Now, Every Veritas Prep Student Gets a Free Myers-Briggs Assessment!

Here at Veritas Prep we never stop investing in making our GMAT prep courses and MBA admissions consulting services better. And, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone achieve a high score on the GMAT, and then also helping them perfect their applications and get into an MBA program they thought was only a dream. Today, we make all of our services even better. We’re excited to announce a new resource available to everyone in the Veritas Prep family.

We spent an entire year collaborating with the publishers of the Myers-Briggs® personality tests and developed something revolutionary in MBA admissions. It’s called the Personalized MBA Game Plan™, and it’s available to every Veritas Prep GMAT student and MBA admissions consulting client!

The Personalized MBA Game Plan provides a roadmap through the MBA application process by assessing unique personality strengths of those applying to top-tier business schools. It combines the Myers-Briggs® instrument’s insight with Veritas Prep’s years of expertise helping clients gain admissions to the world’s top MBA programs.

Don’t think of this as a standard personality test. It’s the only assessment that’s geared specifically for business school applications, and it is available only to Veritas Prep clients.

Your Personalized MBA Game Plan will:

  • Highlight your personality strengths along the Four Dimensions of a Perfect Applicant that admissions officers look for in successful B-school candidates
  • Outline areas where an MBA can help you to improve
  • Help you brainstorm ideas from your own background to include in your admissions essays
  • Describe the environments where you thrive, so that you can apply to the best schools for you

Are you already a Veritas Prep GMAT student? You can take the assessment and get your Personalized MBA Game Plan right now! Simply log into your account, visit your “My Course” page, and access it through there. The Myers-Briggs assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and then you will immediately receive your Personalized MBA Game Plan!

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