What Elite Students Know About the SAT

Do you want to know the biggest SAT test-prep secret? It’s simple: students must only practice for the SAT using questions produced by the College Board — the company that publishes the SAT.

Even though this may sound simple, over 99% of high school students taking the SAT don’t know this test-prep truth. I was once one of these students who had no idea that College Board questions should be used exclusively to prepare for the SAT. And even when I learned this “secret,” I did not follow this advice for a long time. When I finally decided to try practicing on College Board questions, my score began to skyrocket.

College Board questions and exams are the best and most accurate practice materials available for the SAT. Only the College Board can offer genuine SAT questions that have been used in the past on actual SAT examinations and will be consistent with future SAT questions. No third-party company has the College Board’s statistics, data, and inside information to produce real SAT questions.

Don’t settle for second-rate questions. I personally have no affiliation with the College Board. But when I began to correctly prepare for the SAT, I practiced on College Board questions exclusively. And since I want the same SAT success for you that I had, you too should practice on College Board questions only. (In fact, we offer easy access to an official SAT practice test on our site.)

How come almost every other SAT preparation company doesn’t tell you this? Well, there are two reasons. First, most SAT prep developers didn’t prepare extensively for the SAT in high school, but rather are just naturally good test-takers. So they simply may not know this essential technique of practicing with College Board questions to drastically improve their score. The second reason why third-party companies don’t share this information is not so innocent. Test prep corporations can make lots of money selling students practice tests and questions that the companies claim to be just like the real SAT. So, in the interest of money, third-party companies really do hope that my advice is kept a “secret.”

Practice is the most important aspect of SAT preparation. You will improve your SAT score by practice, practice, and more practice. But not just any practice. Practicing with College Board questions is necessary for perfection. So what are you waiting for?

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Shaan Patel is the Director of SAT Programs at Veritas Prep and is the author of the best-selling book SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps.