Haas Introduces New Executive MBA Program

UC Berkeley (Haas) Admissions EssaysBack in March we reported that UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and Columbia Business School would end their joint EMBA program. Now, three months after Columbia announced its own program, Haas has unveiled its own new EMBA program.

Starting in May, 2013, the new program will span 19 months and will meet every three weeks on Thursday through Saturday in a schedule designed to be very doable for working professionals. While most classes will be taught on the Haas campus, some sessions will held in other global locations depending on the market and the subject matter covered.

Haas has put a lot work into its Berkeley Innovative Leader Development (BILD) curriculum, and the new EMBA program is built around this program. Berkeely’s promise is that every EMBA graduate will graduate from the program with skills in the following four core areas: framing problems, experimenting to learn, navigating uncertainty, and influencing beyond authority.

In a released statement, Haas Dean Rich Lyons said:

“Our strength lies in teaching students how to bring fresh thinking and new ideas to every facet of the organization, and to motivate others to do so as well. We do so by providing them with a set of tools that empowers them to enter any situation – no matter how ambiguous – and to find a way to frame the challenge and develop creative solutions from it.”

Haas expects to enroll about 70 students in its program each year, with tuition expected to total approximately $145,000 for the whole program. Visit the Haas School of Business website to learn more about the new Haas EMBA program.

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By Scott Shrum