Integrated Reasoning Isn’t Coming… It’s Here!

This is the day everyone has been anticipating for nearly two years now: Today the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) launched the new Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT. While we’ve made our point of view on Integrated Reasoning perfectly clear in this space multiple times, it is definitely worth noting that you are absolutely not at risk assuming that you take the test today or later.

Why? Because a drastic change in the test from last week to this week would make all sorts of comparisons difficult and threaten the validity of the exam, and that’s the last thing that GMAC and its member business schools want. GMAC has already made plenty of Integrated Reasoning prep resources available. The last thing they want is for a wave of people to walk into testing centers without having any idea about what Integrated Reasoning is!

Free (and Inexpensive) GMAT Integrated Reasoning Prep Materials
GMAC has put out a wide range of prep resources over the past six months:

More Integrated Reasoning Prep Resources
Not enough for you? At Veritas Prep we have already been preparing for the Next Generation GMAT for about a year now, and we have independently developed our own resources to help you with your prep for the new GMAT:

Now you have no excuse. June 5 is here, the new GMAT has arrived, and the prep resources are available… What are you waiting for?

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