Haas School of Business Announces $70 Million Expansion

UC Berkeley (Haas)Last week UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business announced plans for a new building and extensive renovations of its existing facilities. The entire plan, which will possibly allow for the growth of the school’s MBA program, is expected to cost a total of $70 million.

According to an article in UC Berkeley’s Daily Californian, the school’s new construction plans will total approximately $50 million, with renovations of existing facilities costing another $20 million. $25 million of the total has already been raised as part of a large fundraising effort the school kicked off early last year. Just as the school’s current three buildings were completed with 100% donor funding (i.e., no money came from Berkeley), the new construction program is expected to be fully supported with donations from alumni and other sponsors.

One of Haas’s unique features has always been its small size. Last year, the school’s full-time enrollment was less than 500 students, making it the second-smallest MBA program among the top ten schools in last year’s U.S. News MBA rankings. Although the new building and classroom space will allow the school to expand its MBA program, the school has not yet committed to doing so. While an expansion certain won’t ruin this tight-knit culture for certain, we would have to see Haas expand too much and lose what we believe to be one of its best features — its culture.

As the same time, when we look at at the school’s admissions rate, there certainly seems to be some room for expansion to meet applicant demand for a Haas MBA. According to U.S. News, last year Haas accepted just 11.6% of full-time applicants. Only Harvard and Stanford had a lower acceptance rate among MBA programs. Of course, that will be a trivial thing for Haas leaders to consider in the grand scheme of things, but it certainly suggests that the school could probably expand a bit without diluting the quality of its incoming class.

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