GMAT Prep and Admissions: The Best of 2011

It’s hard to believe that 2011 has already come and gone. Why do these years seem to keep going by faster and faster? As we at Veritas Prep wind down the year, we thought we’d share some of our most popular posts and most interesting topics from the past 12 months.

We hope that this blog has provided you with some useful insights as you’ve studied for the GMAT or slaved over your grad school applications. Sometimes we have a little fun, and sometimes we veer off topic to talk about what interests us, but everything written here comes from the same place: We want to help you be successful in your pursuit of grad school and in your career overall!

Without further ado, here are some of the most interesting topics that we covered on our blog, along with some of the most popular posts from the past 12 months:

Thanks for reading, everyone. Have a wonderful holiday, and we’ll see you in 2012!