MLT Fellow Profile: Meet Regaye Fulcher

Continuing our series in which we profile some of the Management Leadership for Tomorrow Fellows who have recently taken a Veritas Prep GMAT course, this week we get to know MLT Fellow Regaye Fulcher, from Los Angeles!

How did you first become involved with MLT?
Actually, the way I found it was through an online search for a GMAT prep course.

Why do you want an MBA?
A man is eating dinner at a tavern in Damascus. He looks over his glass of wine and sees Death. “This can’t be!” says the man, “my time hasn’t come yet!” and he flees terrified, out in the desert. He stops at a well in Samarra and there again, he meets Death. The man says: “This can’t be, I just escaped you in Damascus!”

And Death says: “Yes, I too was surprised to meet you there, it was always to be that I should meet you here in Samarra”. The message is clear – your destiny is rightfully yours and cannot be escaped. I heard this poignant tale several years ago and it provided a certain sense of comfort. A suggestion that your missteps will not hinder your ultimate goal or final destination, this gave me a sense of security. At the time, I wasn’t to know how much I would rely on this idea – as my life shifted from majoring in Marketing to majoring in Communications, from Single to Single plus one, from Birmingham, Alabama to Los Angeles, California.

I was a full-time mother, a full-time student, an officer in my sorority and heavily involved in a theater troupe. I needed to focus. I needed to make some tough decisions. What career do I want to spend my adult life experiencing? What is my passion? Am I fulfilled with my work? The answer to all those questions must be acknowledged and more importantly, they must be answered.

From late 1999 to date I became an active participant in my destiny. I began to map through my personal agenda. Obtaining a Masters in Business and Administration allows me to continue creating my own agenda. To be more effective, be more productive, it would allow me to simply be more. As Thomas Edison once said “opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. My mission is to be a change agent. Not only for the world around me, but for me internally and for my daughter. I must resist the temptation to remain static, to be complacent. I must embrace every opportunity to learn, to grow, to reach. I have entered the world of entertainment, an industry dedicated to keeping the world on the edge of their seats. I am a mother of a beautiful 16-year-old girl who attends El Segundo High School, plays the goalie position on the girl’s water polo team and made the California Interscholastic Federation 2010 Swim Team during her freshman year. I have 8 years of experience in Advertising, I moved from Alabama to California, spent a year plus working on a range of productions. Spanning from music videos, reality television and feature film. I was hired as a Coordinator, sat as Interim Executive Director and matured to Senior Manager of Feature Production. If you happen to glance at my desk at any given moment, you will find a budget for the Feature Production department, the El Segundo High School A-G requirements four-year plan grid and a training schedule for the Los Angeles Marathon. What I want, I’m willing to work for.

As I sit in an office in the heart of Screenland, I look over my computer and visualize my nameplate, the title reads “Executive Producer” – my time has come. I have gained the experience and knowledge to be successful in my endeavors. I am not surprised to meet my destiny. For it was always to be that I should change my major, move from coast to coast and meet my destiny here. The message is clear – my destiny is rightfully mine and must be realized for me to accomplish my goals personally, professional and academically on this journey towards greatness.

What do you do for a living now?
I am Senior Manager in the Feature Production Department at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Sony Pictures Imageworks is the Academy Award® winning, state-of-the-art visual effects and animation unit of Sony Pictures Digital Productions known for live-action visual effects and character animation. The company has recently completed production on The Green Lantern (3D), the hybrid live-action/animation film The Smurfs (3D) and the animated feature Arthur Christmas (3D). Other recent credits include Alice in Wonderland (3D), Zookeeper, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs(3D), G-Force (3D) and Watchmen.

What has your GMAT preparation experience with Veritas Prep been like?
In a word. “moving.” I was terrified by the thought of taking the GMAT. Fearful that taking the test would reveal a lack of intelligence on my part. A simple suggestion was made to take the first step and the journey would begin. My first step was finding some assistance. Finding a program or course that would help me feel more confident in my ability to perform well on the GMAT. I looked at some other prep courses and had heard very mixed Reviews from “real people” on how effective they were. The great thing about Veritas Prep was the fact that I had not heard of if before, there was no negative feedback, no regrets from past students. The canvas was clean – I called to research pricing and the gentleman who helped me “Peter Williams” was so welcoming and helpful that I didn’t think twice. I paid for the course, marked my calendar and waited in anticipation for my package of books to arrive. Before I got off the phone with Peter, in my inbox was the prep-lesson and the PDFs of the first 3 lessons. In a word, I was “moved.” There was no stopping me now.

The first day of class someone wonderful by the name of Travis Morgan emailed me tips on where to park and details on how to find the classroom. I was surprised that this instructor was so enthusiastic about the material and experience to share what he knew was successful tips. He began his introduction by stating that we would indeed cover all of the material, but that he jumps around a bit so that it made more sense and that he would follow his own path in terms of presenting the information – a rule maker! I loved the class immediately. After working a full 10 to 11 hour day, finding an additional 3 hours at the tail was at best difficult. Instructor Morgan consistently maintained my attention from 6:45pm (15 minutes before class) to 10pm. I rediscovered the passion for learning and this had become more than a GMAT prep course, this evolved into a prep course for Business school. Later the evolution included the art of networking and simply being inspired by like-minded individuals. By the eve of the 7-week course I found that I would miss this interaction with these people. I had to take a moment to celebrate what had just happened. I was not dreading this test! I was looking forward to implementing my newly taught skills; I was prepared to face the very thing just short of two months prior I couldn’t stomach. I wanted to express this “movement” with some form of gratitude and thought that an after-party was fitting.

Veritas Prep, in its generosity allowed this team of 15 or so GMAT misfits turned genius to gather in celebration. We enjoyed the victory of setting a goal and completing it together. Along the way, I met some of the most valuable people to the Los Angeles academic arena – Travis Morgan’s and Brian Galvin are incredible. Present tense – they are incredible! So how was my GMAT preparation experience with Veritas Prep? I was moved beyond fear to a place of confidence. I sat for the GMAT 2 weeks post course. Now I await the acceptance from the school of my choice.

What are you most looking forward to in business school?
I am most looking forward to duplicating the experience I discovered with the Veritas Prep course, an enthusiastic zest to learn. In my journey lies an Executive Producer title and business school will help prepare me for this role. In business school I am looking forward to surrounding myself with individuals who strive for more, who offer new ideas and create new platforms. I am most looking forward to creating my own agenda, to meeting my destiny.

Earlier this year Veritas Prep donated 200 GMAT prep courses to MLT, allowing every MLT Fellow to enroll in a GMAT course for free. About 100 MLT Fellows have completed our GMAT course since then!

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