Quarter Wit, Quarter Wisdom: Tackling Roots on the GMAT

Quarter Wit, Quarter WisdomLet’s look at roots today. This post is chock full of mathematical symbols, so we’ve posted this week’s installment as a PDF, accessible via the link below. Click on it to read today’s post:

Roots on the GMAT

We’ve also posted an excerpt here, in this post. Enjoy!

First of all, understand that roots are a subset of exponents i.e. any number with any root can be converted to an exponent. Every rule of exponent that we have learned until now will then be applicable.

The rules for exponents are the same whether we have an integer as the exponent or a fraction. Therefore, if you think that roots are a nightmare but exponents are fine, just convert the roots to exponents form and the question becomes utterly do-able. But, when you take that route, it takes far too much extra time. So, it makes sense to review the rules of roots (which are very similar to the rules of exponents).

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