Get a Jump Start On Landing Your Perfect MBA Internship

One thing that many business school students underestimate is just how quickly the recruiting process ramps up when school starts. Depending on your school, you might find yourself attending company information sessions and interacting with recruiters during your first week of class! Will you be ready?

Veritas Prep is excited to partner with Career Cadence to offer The MBA Career Academy. This 1-day workshop will launch you into your career search and give you the competitive edge, before you walk on campus.

The MBA Career Academy is a 1-day workshop that will launch you into your career search and give you the competitive edge, before you walk on campus. The program was designed by MBAs and refined working with hundreds of people. It not only gives you skills, confidence, and clarity, it also provides the opportunity for you to ask any question you want – including the ones you might be afraid to ask at school.

Program Components:

Direction: Do you know what job you really want from your MBA?

  • You will connect who you are – your motivations, strengths, personality and values – to MBA careers.
  • You will build your perfect job.
  • You will understand the working world and what job functions fit you best.

Message: Can you articulate how you stand out from everyone else?

  • You will build your elevator pitch, the one you’ll use for every networking event, interview, and cover letter.
  • You will craft the stories that prove you have a track record of success.

Connection: Do you know how to network your way into the job?

  • You will draft a networking email to get your foot in the door.
  • You will learn informational interviewing (the key to networking) and get a script to make it simple.
  • You will practice delivering your pitch and asking effective questions.

You Will Walk Away With:

  • A personalized Distillâ„¢ Career Assessment report
  • A one-page description of your ideal job (including specific job titles)
  • 2 written stories that prove your strengths
  • A one-minute elevator pitch for any networking event or interview that you’ll have practiced and refined
  • A draft networking email to get your foot in the door
  • Skill, clarity and confidence for your career search
  • 20 new people in your MBA network
  • Knowing the type of internship you want and how to market yourself to it, while fall classes are taking over your life
  • Additional tools and resources including: An informational interview script, a networking tracking spreadsheet, a guide to improving your resume and cover letter, and resources for writing effective thank you notes

The MBA Career Academy will be in these cities over the next two months:

  • San Francisco: July 16
  • New York City: July 23
  • Boston: July 24
  • Chicago: July 30
  • Washington, DC: August 6

Register here!

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