Tuck Is a Good Fit for You If…

We love to work with applicants who want to apply to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. The school’s close-knit culture and rigorous curriculum make it a school that everyone should look at closely, particularly those who are interested in pursuing careers in the Northeast. But, besides knowing that it’s a top-ranked school with a strong community, how well do you really know Tuck? How do you know if it’s a good fit for you? And, perhaps more importantly, how do you know if the admissions committee will decide you’re a good fit for Tuck?

Today we look at six reasons why Tuck may be a good fit for you:

You want to go into private equity.
It seems almost a secret how strong Tuck is in private equity — unless you’re in private equity. This is an exclusive industry that is looking for the best and the brightest. Who you know can really matter, not just in breaking in, but throughout your career. How else are deals done except through smarts and connections? It’s a given that you’re smart if you’re going to Tuck; and the relationships that this school can provide can be pivotal in launching you into such an incredibly competitive field. Tuck even has a research institute for private equity; no other business school has anything quite like it.

You want to work in Japan or the UK.
Because of the smaller size of the overall network, Tuckies are not as easily found all around the world, however, due to the school’s outreach and attention in past decades to both Japan and the UK, more Tuck alums are found in these countries than others.

You are bringing a partner and/or a family with you to business school.
Many business schools have clubs, outreach, and resources available for partners of students, t o minimize the sense of alienation that can be felt when your significant other disappears from your life for a good two years. Tuck is an inclusive community, and spouses and partners — and children — usually report feeling very welcome and engaged. There are perhaps more students with children at Tuck than at many other schools, because of the emphasis on significant work experience which attracts people in a later stage of life. Teammates and project partners may be more understanding of the multiple priorities that a parent has to juggle than would be the case at other schools. However, Hanover is a small town, so employment options for a partner may be limited.

You’re switching careers.
Tuck doesn’t shy away from or discourage those who want to use business school as a catalyst to change direction — or even jump the tracks. With the increased attention on career development that begins for new Tuckies literally when the first year starts, the school is ready and able to provide the in-depth support and concentrated attention to help traditional and nontraditional students alike realize heir dreams. About two-thirds of Tuckies change careers as they go through the program, which is higher than other schools report. The dean has said that business school is the proper platform for all types of career-changers, including the more “challenging” types like those coming from an arts background and looking to transition into business. At Tuck, the student is empowered to pursue a new path, in whatever direction that might lead. You still need to express your goals well in your application, but don’t feel limited or constrained when you do so.

You appreciate the small size and truly understand the value of relationships.
With all the emphasis we’ve given to the small cohort and intimate environment, you probably already have a sense for whether Tuck is the place for you. There are advantages and disadvantages of being at a large school versus a small one. Tuck definitely has all the advantages in terms of community and network, and they work hard to mitigate the challenges of the remote location (in terms of attracting teaching talent and recruiters) and smaller alumni network. There’s a lot to be said for being able to disconnect from the world for two years to “immerse” in the business school education, and for the right type of person who can take advantage of this, Tuck could be an excellent choice. If you already went to Dartmouth for undergrad, even better: they tend to look favorably on applications from Hanover alumni.

You’re not afraid to work hard.
Tuck is known to be a place where people roll up their sleeves and dive in. The work load at Tuck is tough even compared to other very challenging programs. If you enjoy the company of hard-working people, Tuck may be just the place for you.

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