GMAC Launches New “Official GMAT” Mobile App for iPhone and iPad

While there’s no shortage of GMAT prep apps available for the iPhone and iPad (including our own free iPhone GMAT app), until now test takers haven’t had access to a course of official GMAT questions that they can use on their mobile devices. That changed this week as the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) announced that its “Official GMAT” app is now available on iOS devices. This of it as a portable, more interactive version of the Official Guide for GMAT Review.

The basic app costs $4.99, and gives users access to 50 questions. From there, users can pay $9.99 each for additional sets of 250 verbal or quant questions (or pay $9.99 for one blended set of 250 questions).

GMAC posted a brief video demo of the iPad version to YouTube (there doesn’t seem to be any sound accompanying the video):

We particularly like the “Game Center” feature that allows users to see how they’re doing on questions compared to other app users. It’s always helpful for students to see how they’re doing vs. the competition. What may seem like an easy question may in fact be hard (when looking at the proportion of overall test takers who got it right or wrong), or vice versa. Knowing where you stand like this is a terrific help. The app also provides other tracking mechanisms so that test takers can see whether or not they’re improving over time.

One thing to be aware of: This app duplicates the questions in the Official Guide. GMAC goes out of its way to make this clear, but we wouldn’t be surprised if more than a few students buy the app and are then disappointed because they’ve already seen the questions.

You can read more about the Official GMAT iPhone app here.

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