Columbia Business School Application Deadlines for 2011-2012

Columbia MBA Admissions GuideContinuing the trickle of new essays and deadlines coming from top schools for the 2011-2012 admissions season, Columbia Business School has released its deadlines for the new application season. Remember that Columbia is somewhat unique in that it not only has a September intake, but also a January one. This “J-Term” is really a 16-month program most suitable for someone who doesn’t need the benefit of an MBA summer internship. Columbia is also different in that it has a rolling admissions process without three discrete rounds, as is typical at most MBA programs.

Without further ado, here are Columbia’s application deadlines for the coming admissions season, followed by our comments in italics:

Columbia Business School Admissions Deadlines
January 2012 Entry (“J-Term”): October 5, 2011
Early Decision: October 5, 2011
Merit Fellowship Consideration: January 4, 2012
Regular Decision: April 11, 2012

These deadlines are virtually the same as last year’s. Since Columbia Business School uses a rolling admissions schedule, the one really firm deadline you need to worry about is the April 11 one. However, even though Columbia doesn’t have a traditional Round 1, Round 2, etc., our advice still holds: We recommend against applying at the last minute. Applying as late as March or April means competing for one of the very few seats still open at that point. Remember that “Early Decision” means that you’re committing to attend Columbia if you’re accepted. So, only exercise this option if Columbia truly is your first choice.

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