Yale SOM Is a Good Fit for You If…

Yale School of ManagementIf you’re researching top MBA programs, chances are that the Yale School of Management is on your radar. We get countless inquires about the school every year. But, besides knowing that it’s a top-ranked school that is especially known for attracting civic-minded applicants, how well do you really know Yale? How do you know if Yale really is a good fit for you? And, perhaps more importantly, how do you know if the Yale admissions committee will decide that you’re a good fit for the school?

Today we look at five things that might make Yale your first choice among MBA programs:

You want to go into finance or consulting.
Despite the common wisdom that Yale is the school for non-profits and other bleeding-hearts, the fact is that SOM places more graduates into consulting than any other field except finance. And this is hardly a surprise: With the unique cross-functional approach to its education, Yale creates strategic thinkers with nimble minds, who are able to deal with ambiguity and consider multiple perspectives as they work through problems – all ideal qualities in a good consultant. Yale’s proximity to Wall Street means that plenty of graduates move to the next state south when they are ready to begin their careers.

You are interested in the public sector or nonprofit.
This one is already very well known, of course, but to leave this unmentioned would be sacrilege. Yale is considered the best program for nonprofit, and SOM is right up there with Ross and Stanford in scoring on the social responsibility and corporate ethics scales.

You value a small, tight-knit network.
Partly because of the small class and the close bonds that form during the business school experience, and partly because of the tilt towards “doing good” that attracts many to Yale in the first place, Yale students can expect to receive a lot of help, both while completing their studies and when looking for that key internship or first job – or second, third, or fourth. The faculty and administration remain directly involved in their students’ careers and are well connected with industry, making for win-win relationships that benefit the entire SOM ecosystem.

You have an impressive GMAT score.
While we don’t want to discourage an otherwise strong candidate from considering Yale, the truth is that, with such a tiny class size, the admissions committee really cannot afford to admit more than a handful of students with scores below a 660. Because the GMAT scores of its students factor in, rightly or wrongly, in some of the rankings methodologies, we believe Yale is especially vigilant about this metric and will be hard pressed to admit a candidate who is sub-par on the test side. There are of course always exceptions, but just know that other schools with larger classes can more easily absorb candidates with a wider spectrum of profile statistics.

You want to stay in the northeast after graduating.
Over 60% of Yalies end up working in the Northeastern part of the U.S. after they finish their MBAs. If the tri-state area of New York/New Jersey/Connecticut, or further north into the Boston

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