Like the GMAT? Like It on Facebook for Free Study Materials

GMATThe Graduate Management Admissions Council has launched its own Official GMAT Facebook page and even if you haven’t  been able to admit that you like the GMAT (admit it – you do!) now may be the perfect time to do so.  Those who “like” the Official GMAT on Facebook will gain:

– exclusive access to official practice problems

– expert advice (not unlike that provided daily on this blog!)

– direct admissions information from top MBA admissions officers

– and much, more!   (Editor’s note: Sorry…I’ve always wanted to say that about a list of product features. But it is true…)

Currently, Official GMAT Facebook fans can receive discounts on Official GMAT study materials and resources, and more features — including video GMAT tips and an active discussion forum — are on the way.

At Veritas Prep, we’ve long been of the mind that the best way to succeed on the GMAT is to learn to think like the testmaker, and becoming a Facebook friend of those behind the test is a great step in that direction for aspiring MBA students.  While many view the GMAT as a difficult exercise clouded in secrecy,  the team at GMAC continues to push toward eliminating that myth through student-friendly initiatives that include expanded study resources, helpful information (you should consult the Official GMAT blog, too), and outreach programs to make the test available and convenient for test-takers around the world.  As students devour resources that attempt to provide insight into nuances of the GMAT, this Official GMAT transparency becomes even more useful; while user-generated content on forums and rogue SEO ploys on blogs often offer as much fiction as fact (beware the sites that offer strategies to “crack the GMAT CAT” through off-the-wall pacing strategies), GMAC has taken the initiative to debunk common myths and provide direct study tips and resources that should help the GMAT stay true to its mission, to provide an unbiased, objective assessment of candidacy for business schools.

One of the best ways to progress toward success in any difficult endeavor is to learn to like it.  For aspiring GMAT whizzes, “liking” the GMAT is just a click of a button away, and that click will continue to pay dividends in your quest for GMAT success with an expanded pool of resources and strategies.