Haas Announces Free Executive Education for Alumni

Business School Admissions GuidesIn a move that (sort of) matches Wharton’s recent pledge to provide ongoing executive education to its alumni, UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business has announced that its new alumni will be eligible to attend any open-enrollment offering at Haas’s executive education center, within five years of graduation. This offer applies to all Haas graduates from the Class of 2011 and later.

Recently Wharton made waves when it announced that all of its alumni will be able to attend “enrichment classes” every seven years, free of charge. We loved when that news hit in December, and we’ve been hoping that other top MBA programs would follow. It looks like Haas was the first one to make a move.

What’s curious is that Haas only will offer two free days of free executive education, that it must be used within five years of graduation, and that if you graduated from Haas before 2011, then you’re out of luck. We’re sure that at least some Haas administrators have been wringing their hands over a possible influx of recent alumni in the school’s executive education classes, but this strikes us as a somewhat timid toe in the water. Perhaps the school wants to see what the response rate is among alumni before possibly expanding the program.

While we would have like to have seen Haas go as far as Wharton (or even further!) in its commitment to the “Students Always” model, we certainly think that this announcement is better than no move at all. We can’t wait to see which business school is next to more fully embrace the concept of lifelong learning in graduate management education.

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