Reader Poll: How Much Would You Pay for a Spot at HBS?

Harvard Business School Admissions Guide
How much would you pay to go to Harvard?
With Harvard Business School releasing its Round 1 admissions decisions yesterday, we thought it would be fun to post the following question: How much would you pay for a seat in the HBS Class of 2013?

Of course, Harvard doesn’t sell seats in its class (unless you get a building named after you; we’d have to think that wouldn’t hurt your admissions chances). But what if you could write a check to guarantee yourself a spot in next year’s entering class? $100? $1,000? $1,000,000?

It’s an interesting question, when you think about what your possible lifetime earnings could be with a Harvard MBA? Or, more precisely, what you might earn in excess of what you would earn with the next best thing. The “next best thing” will vary from one applicant to the next: For one person it might be two more years of high quality work experience, for someone else it might be attending a different top-tier MBA program, and for others it might be pursuing a graduate degree in another discipline. When you add in all of the costs associated with earning the degree, the question becomes more complicated.

Of course, there’s also the emotional component. An applicant might make just as much in his career with a Columbia MBA, for example, but we have seen first-hand how applicants can convince themselves that their lives will be absolutely ruined if they don’t get into their dream school (and often this school is Harvard). So, how much one would pay for a guaranteed spot at HBS may not be a perfectly rational question.

How about it? How much would you pay for a spot in the Harvard Business School Class of 2013? Vote in the poll on our Facebook page and let us know!

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