Columbia Introduces New Three-Year JD/MBA Program

Columbia MBA Admissions GuideRecently Columbia Business School and Columbia Law School jointly announced a new three-year JD/MBA program, joining schools such as Northwestern and Yale that have seen these accelerated programs grow in popularity over the past few years. The new program will accept its first class in the fall of 2011.

While the program’s final details are still taking shape, this is what we know so far: Columbia JD/MBA students will spend their first and third years at the law school and their second year at the business school. Students must complete each school’s core curriculum requirements, and can enroll in electives cross-listed at both schools. JD/MBA students will also be able to choose from any electives listed solely at either school. These students will be considered full-fledged members of both Columbia Law School and Columbia Business School. As such, they will have access to all of the academic, networking, and career opportunities that all students can use in both schools.

Columbia actually already offers a four-year JD/MBA dual-degree option, which will remain in place. The new three-year program is offers students one more way to complete the requirements for both Columbia degrees.

One way in which Columbia’s new program differs from the Northwestern JD/MBA is that applicants must apply separately to both the business school and the law school. Time is somewhat limited if you’re interested in joining the first class: The application deadline is February 15, 2011! You can visit Columbia’s site for more information on admissions.

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