Why We Created the New GMAT Essentials Course

GMAT Essentials Course
Kix has known about the GMAT Essentials for a long time.
On October 30 and 31 we ran the first ever Veritas Prep Essentials Course, giving students an entirely new way to think about how they should prepare for the GMAT. The reviews have been nothing short of phenomenal so far, which explains why we’ve been humbled by the terrific demand we’ve seen for the course. But, this new course is the biggest change to GMAT prep since we launched our original 42-hour course back in 2002… How did it come about?

The Essentials Course came up as a challenge based on what’s happening in the marketplace; there are a lot of options for the GMAT student these days, and many of them advertise shorter classes, more convenient schedules, and lower prices, and we wanted to compete in that market. Our Full Course’s strengths have a lot to do with was how comprehensive it is –- it’s 42 hours (normally over 7 weeks) and covers everything from fundamental skills to higher-order strategies. We still know that it’s the best way for most people to study for the GMAT, but we also know that one size doesn’t fit all (as we told BusinessWeek last year).

So, we challenged ourselves to create a course that could appeal to those in the market who just don’t have seven weeks, or who don’t quite need an entire A-to-Z plan for GMAT mastery. But, we knew there was a right way and a wrong way to do it. There are a lot of GMAT prep programs out there that just aren’t completely responsible in the way that they fit their GMAT curriculum into 20-25 hours, often sugarcoating content to allow people to perceive mastery in a short period when they’ve really just scratched the surface. When we decided that we wanted to compete in the fewer-hours, shorter-term study market, we wanted to make sure that we could do so responsibly and in a way that would allow all of us who teach to feel that sense of pride and accomplishment when we leave the final lesson that we’ve set our students up for success.

So we set out to create a curriculum that could fit into one weekend, and taking a lesson from what we’ve seen and disliked in the market, we decided along with a handful of top instructors that we couldn’t attempt to teach everything in that time, so we’d better not try. Instead, we asked ourselves, “Where do Veritas Prep instructors add the most value? If you’re paying for a Veritas Prep instructor’s help, where do you need it most?” And that’s where the idea behind the Essentials Course really came from.

We could devote a lot of pages and a lot of classroom hours to teaching you basic algebra, fundamental geometry, etc., but much of this you can learn on your own using the online community education resources that are available for free (or for close to it). Where a GMAT prep course is really worth your time and money is in the fact that we’ve been preparing students for the GMAT for years, and we have a degree of expertise with this test that you really can’t develop on your own. We have seen hundreds of students make the same mistake and we know just why they make it. Perhaps even more importantly, we know exactly what GMAC tries to test when you sit down to take the GMAT (if you need a hint, take a look at the GMAT’s new Integrated Reasoning section, coming in 2012).

That’s what you will learn in the Essentials Course: You’ll come away knowing what the GMAT is trying to measure, what the most common pitfalls are on the exam, and how exactly to train yourself to master the former while avoiding the latter. And you will get access to everything else that comes with every Veritas Prep GMAT course: all 15 of Veritas Prep’s GMAT strategy books, our 15 computer-adaptive practice tests, 12 months of access to the full 42-hour Veritas Prep on Demand online course, and unlimited homework help from Veritas Prep instructors for one full year. And, just like with any other Veritas Prep course, if you take the Essentials Class and don’t get the score you want on the GMAT (or if you simply don’t yet feel ready to take the GMAT), just give us a call and we’ll gladly let you take the course again, no questions asked.

We have Essentials Courses running on December 4th and 5th in more than 40 cities around the world, plus live online that same weekend. Find a GMAT Course near you to save your seat, or register for our the live online GMAT course before it fills up. And, as always, be sure to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!