Job Prospects Get Better for MBA Graduates

MBA Admissions
This recent grad is willing to calculate CAPM for food.
Could the job market finally be thawing for MBA graduates? It is at least a little bit, according to new survey results that the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) released last week. Eighty-eight percent of the grads who responded to the survey reported being employed after graduation, compared to 84% of survey respondents in 2009. The salary picture also improved: 2010 graduates reported a median starting salary of $78,820 (U.S.), up from $75,000 for those who graduated in 2009.

Looking back at the last recession (from 2001 to 2002), only 72% of respondents reported being employed when they graduated from business school in 2003. Of course, this recession has been even deeper and has lasted even longer than that one, so in some respects it’s not surprising that hiring and rebounded by now. After all, this marks at least the third year in which companies’ bottom lines have been under pressure, and these businesses do eventually have to replenish their talent.

Of course, this being a GMAC release, it includes positive testimony from these recent grads about the value of their degrees: About three-quarters of alumni indicated they could not have obtained their current job without their graduate business degree. No matter what market conditions are, a graduate degree such as an MBA is often the only way to land an interview with many of these firms, particularly in investment banking and management consulting.

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