MIT Sloan Unveils Its New Building

Last week MBA students began streaming into MIT Sloan’s impressive new building on the eastern edge of MIT’s campus in Cambridge. Sloan, which until now had housed its classrooms and offices in a patchwork of new and old buildings, now has a single new building to call home.

Named E62 in MIT’s tradition of giving every building on campus an alphanumeric designation, the new 215,000 square-foot building will hold offices for Sloan faculty and administration, classrooms, a cafeteria, group study rooms, and more.

As impressive as E62 looks, what has impressed many visitors the most is the building’s energy efficiency. Much of the material that went into the building actually came from the old structures on the site. While E62 has a great deal of glass on its exterior, that glass is heavily glazed and reflective, so that it lets in a great deal of light without creating the need for constant air conditioning to keep the building cool. The roof is covered in plantings to keep it shady, and it will eventually hold solar panels to partly power the building. MIT Sloan plans to apply for LEED gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

MIT Sloan is just the latest top MBA program to unveil a new building in the past decade (Businessweek ran a piece about this trend recently). Yale and Stanford are coming up next, Columbia has talked about a new building, and Kellogg has already picked the site for its new building, sitting on the Lake Michigan shore. It’s not unlike the wave of new baseball parks that started after the Baltimore Orioles opened Camden Yards in 1992. Who’s next?

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