Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Your GMAT Preparation

It only comes six times a year, when the planets align and our GMAT prep classes start around the world on the same week! If you’re planning to apply to a top MBA program this coming fall (or even if you’re just starting to think about it), this is the perfect time to start preparing for the GMAT.

Why? Because starting your preparation now will put you in position to take the GMAT by late July. If you ace it, then great. You can put the GMAT out of your mind and start planning the rest of your application. If not — and it’s not unusual for an applicant to take the GMAT two or three times — then you still have plenty of time to prep some more and take the GMAT again, before you get deep into the stress of pulling together your Round 1 business school applications in October.

When it’s early in the calendar year and applicants ask us, “What can I do NOW to most help my MBA admissions chances in the fall?” we often say, “Start earlier! Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need, for everything — the GMAT, your essays, your letters of recommendation. You’ll be glad you did!” Sometimes they listen, and sometimes they don’t. But the ones who do listen always become advocates of the “Start early!” school of thought. (Maybe that’s why our May classes are so popular!)

Okay, back to the special occasion at hand: If you haven’t yet taken the GMAT and want help in maximizing your score, you’re in luck. We have classes starting in dozens of cities worldwide this week, in all sorts of formats — weeknights, weekends, Saturdays-only, accelerated, and online GMAT prep. You name it, we’ve got a GMAT class for it. And taking our 42-hour, seven-week Complete Course (our most popular option) will leave you with plenty of time to take the GMAT in July, setting up the calendar for you beautifully in the back half of the year.

Ready to dig in and reach your maximum potential on the GMAT? Visit our site for a GMAT course overview to see why thousands of applicants choose Veritas Prep every year. Then, find a GMAT course near you and you’ll be on your way.

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