Wharton Application Deadlines for 2010-2011

Wharton MBA GuideUniversity of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School has not yet released its admissions essays for the coming year, but the school recently released its application deadlines for the coming year:

Wharton Application Deadlines
Round 1: October 4, 2010
Round 2: January 4, 2011
Round 3: March 3, 2011

These deadlines are virtually the same as last year’s. Note that Wharton’s Round 1 deadline is in the beginning of October, much like Harvard’s and Stanford’s. We expect that more top schools will soon follow and start moving their deadlines to the first half of October to give them more time to release Round 1 decisions before the holidays (and before the Round 2 deadline). Note that Wharton’s Round 3 application deadline is still in March, leaving just Stanford and Harvard as the top schools with April deadlines right now.

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