Six Must-Have Professors at Chicago Booth

Chicago Booth Admissions GuideContinuing our series of admissions insights clipped from Veritas Prep’s Annual Reports, our in-depth insider’s guides to 15 of the world’s top business schools, this week we take a look at six professors who have earned Chicago Booth students’ love. (Our Annual reports are absolutely free with registration, but we thought we’d share some snippets here to help get you started in your Booth research.)

Among Chicago Booth students, there are a handful of professors who are considered “must-haves” during one’s time in Hyde Park. Note that, while Booth is best known for finance, some of the school’s most popular professors come from other departments:

  • Sanjay Dhar – Professor Dhar primarily teaches the basic marketing strategy class and is very active in all Chicago Booth MBA programs. Professor Dhar makes this list because his passion in teaching is infectious. He makes the effort to truly know his students and it is not uncommon for Professor Dhar to have all 65 (or more) students in his class remove their name cards so he may recite their names back on the first day of class. Dhar is the recipient of several awards such as the McKinsey Award for Teaching Excellence in 2000, and was cited among the outstanding faculty in BusinessWeek’s Guide to the Best Business Schools.
  • Steven Kaplan – Professor Kaplan primarily teaches entrepreneurial finance and private equity. A quarter does not go by without students complaining that they were unable to get into his class prior to graduation. His courses are highly completive choices during the bidding process and students are only able to take his courses late in their program, when they have accumulated enough point “wealth.” Professor Kaplan consistently attains top scores in Chicago Booth’s internal faculty rankings by students over the last decade.
  • Eugene Fama – The percentage of students who take Professor Fama’s class is relatively small, but the reason for this is that his course content is highly specific, highly rigorous, and has a scope that may go beyond the average Booth student’s interest. Professor Fama has been called the “father of modern finance.” Professor Fama is highly respected both in academic circles and in the outside investment community. Taking a “Fama course” and doing well does wonders for the credibility of a Booth graduate in the field of finance, but truth be told, only highly skilled Booth students with an interest in analytical finance tend to enjoy his classes.
  • Art Middlebrooks – Art Middlebrooks is a prime example of a great adjunct faculty member. His teaching method of “learning by doing” is appropriate in his services marketing and product marketing classes. As a Booth alumnus, he really connects well with his students and continually gets top marks in faculty evaluations. Mr. Middlebrooks is also the current Executive Director of the Kilts Center for Marketing and is the coauthor of Innovating the Corporation and Market Leadership Strategies for Service Companies.
  • Harry Davis – Harry Davis is the type of professor who brings balance and perspective to the MBA experience. His Business Policy course is not at all the typical Chicago Booth fare.
    While most courses at Booth tend to dominate the left brain, Professor Davis focuses more on right brain activity: being intuitive, holistic, and metaphorical. Part of the Chicago Booth faculty since the mid-1960s, Professor Davis was once co-dean of the program and was integral to Booth’s push to establish campuses in other countries. Booth is not really known for emphasizing leadership topics, yet Professor Davis does just that.
  • James Schrager – James E. Schrager’s New Venture Strategy is another highly sought-after course at Chicago Booth. His credibility in the business community equals his reputation as
    a faculty member at Booth and his expertise is on display in multiple mainstream media formats, such as the Wall Street Journal and various major television networks. Booth students across the board absolutely love taking his class.

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