How Do You Show Fit With a Top Business School?

Continuing our admissions video series, this week we hear a Veritas Prep MBA admissions expert discuss how you can determine how well you fit with a business school, and how you can demonstrate this in your business school applications.

We at Veritas Prep believe in the advice outlined in Your MBA Game Plan: Getting into a top business school requires that you 1) differentiate yourself from the competition and 2) demonstrate fit with that school. We’ve written plenty about how to differentiate yourself from applicants who are similar to you, but “demonstrating fit” is a nebulous concept that many applicants don’t fully understand. Consider admissions consultant Jim Fleigner’s take on fit and how to identify it:

(You can go to YouTube and watch the video in a larger size.)

In addition to visiting the schools you’re considering, consider what Jim describes here: When you meet people from a given school, if you gravitate toward them, ask yourself what it is that makes you feel so comfortable with them. It may have to do with personality, working style, life philosophy, or interests outside of work. Recognizing these, and being able to put them into words for admissions officers, will go a long way toward demonstrating your fit with your target MBA programs.

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