How Veritas Prep's Admissions Consulting Works

Continuing our admissions video series, this week we hear Veritas Prep co-founder Chad Troutwine give a brief overview of how Veritas Prep’s admissions consulting works.

Forgive us for indulging ourselves with a more self-promotional video this week. We normally use this space to share news and analysis that helps applicants get into the world’s most competitive graduate schools. However, at this time of year we get so many questions about admissions consulting — what it is, how it works, how to tell apart a legitimate and illegitimate consultant — that we thought this would be a good time to share this video:

(You can go to YouTube and watch the video in a larger size.)

Note what Chad says about really listening to our clients and understanding what makes each one unique. This is by no means a “one size fits all” process. No two applicants are the same, and it’s each clients’ uniqueness that admissions officers respond to. In much the same way, we work with you to get past the “usual stuff” — your career goals, what you did in college, the fact that you like cooking and hiking — and draw out what’s really most interesting in admissions officers’ eyes. It’s amazing how often applicants bring interesting traits and experiences to the table, without even knowing it! That’s a big part of what Veritas Prep’s admissions experts do every day.

We’ve got more videos on the way! In the meantime, for more help in applying to business school, law school, or medical school, call us at 800-925-7737 and talk to one of our admissions experts!