How Does a Unique Background Affect Your Chances of MBA Admissions Success?

Continuing our admissions video series, this week we continue to explore the idea of how an applicant with a unique background is at an advantage over applicants who come from more typical backgrounds.

First, what is a “unique” in MBA admissions? It’s a professional or personal history that admissions officers don’t see every day. If you aren’t coming from a typical business school feeder industry, such as banking or consulting, then you may already be somewhat unique in admissions officers’ eyes. If you come from a part of the world or have had personal experiences that admissions officers don’t commonly see, then they may also look at you as a somewhat unique applicant.

That’s not a bad thing — that’s actually a very good thing, because you’ll provide a different perspective in the classroom. You just need to be able to show that, while you’re different, you also will fit in and succeed in business school:

(You can go to YouTube and watch the video in a larger size.)

As Samantha says, it’s just a matter of plugging any holes that may appear in your application (by the way, this is true for any applicant) so that you wipe away any questions that may exist in the back of admissions officers’ minds. Then, you can move on to emphasizing what makes you unique, and how these different traits and experiences will make you an asset to your business school community.

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