Applying to Business School Without "Real" Business Experience

Continuing our admissions video series, this week we explore the unique challenge (and advantage) of applying to an MBA program without traditional business experience. We often get questions from applicants who work for non-profit organizations, are musicians, or have worked in another field that doesn’t have much to do with “real” business. More often than not, these applicants’ experiences are much more relevant to their candidacies, and their weaknesses are much less formidable, than they expect!

If you’re an applicant coming from a non-business background, today’s video emphasizes the things you can do to overcome your potential weaknesses in the eyes of an MBA admissions officer:

(You can go to YouTube and watch the video in a larger size.)

Samantha Johnston, one of our Wharton Head Consultants says, “Even though they have very uncommon backgrounds, in some ways it’s easier to plug the holes for those candidates.” What she means is that an unusual, “non-business” applicant’s potential weaknesses are usually fairly obvious, and are usually the weaknesses that can be addressed more immediately.

Lack leadership experience and maturity? Well, it’s hard to plug those holes in a few short months. But if you don’t have a strong quant background, in a few short months you can earn a strong grade in a stats class at your local college. This won’t completely overcome this perceived weaknesses, necessarily, but it will go a long way to help, and admissions officers will definitely take note of the effort that you’re making. In this way, these are the easier deficiencies to overcome in your application.

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