Why We Created Veritas Prep Annual Reports

This past Friday we announced the launch of the best resource that we’ve ever created for business school applicants: Veritas Prep Annual Reports, in-depth guides to ten of the world’s top business (with five more soon to follow).

Response has been phenomenal so far, with hundreds and hundreds of reports already downloaded. While we thrilled with (and humbled by) how quickly they’ve taken off, we’ve received these questions a few times already: Why did we create our Annual Reports? How are these different from what’s already “out there,” on school web sites, in brochures, etc.? The answer is simple: When you research multiple top schools, pretty quickly they all start to sound the same. And, believe it or not, the schools themselves often unwittingly contribute to this problem!

In the MBA admissions process, a lot of emphasis is placed on knowing yourself — your personal beliefs, your philosophy in how you approach your work, and your post-MBA plans and dreams all contribute to the case that you build in your MBA applications. This emphasis is well placed, since there’s no way to truly show admissions officers who you are (and make them want to admit you) without first understanding what makes you tick.

While many applicants fail to demonstrate enough self-awareness, the challenge that you’re even more likely underestimate is building a deep enough understanding of each of the business schools in which you are interested. Think about it: You have had more than 20 years to get to know yourself, and although self-reflection is challenging and sometimes uncomfortable exercise, you have plenty of material to work with. When researching business schools, though, you’re probably starting from scratch.

Perhaps you start your research by looking at U.S. News & World Report’s or BusinessWeek’s business school rankings. Then maybe you ask around and see what your friends and family members think about the schools