The Importance of Hirability in MBA Admissions

Continuing our new MBA admissions video series, this week we look at the importance of hirability in the MBA admissions process. This has been a hot topic this year, given the sagging economy and the message we’ve heard from multiple top business schools about how they expect job placement to continue to be a challenge for at least one more year. This topic came up at a recent discussion among some of Veritas Prep’s MBA admissions experts, and we all agreed that admissions officers are unlikely to take a chance on an applicant if they believe it will be difficult to place that applicant with an employer down the road.

As Veritas Prep co-founder and CEO Chad Troutwine says, “The savvy applicant understands that to improve her chance for getting into a top MBA program, she needs to make sure it’s clear she’ll be attractive to employers.”


(You can go to YouTube and watch the video in a larger size.)

By no means does this mean that career switchers aren’t welcome at a top business school (although they’ll find some schools easier to get into than others). Rather, it means that getting into business school requires the same key traits — intellectual ability, maturity, polish, and leadership ability — that attractive employers look for in MBA graduates. Now more than ever, with the hiring outlook for MBA grads still looking tough, every applicant must demonstrate these traits to stand a strong chance of getting into a top MBA program.

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