The Best Way to Write Great Admissions Essays

Continuing our new MBA admissions video series, this week we investigate how some of our admissions experts attack the process to help their applicants write knockout admissions essays. This clip covers two important steps that every applicant should take — one tactical step at the beginning, and one strategic step closer to the end of the process.

(You can go to YouTube and watch the video in a larger size.)

As Samantha says, it’s important think through what you want to say before you actually start to write. This “begin with the end in mind” approach helps ensure that your essays stay on topic and answer the questions asked. If you find yourself thinking “That’s obvious,” stop right there. Don’t underestimate how tempted you will be to dive into some essays without a clear plan. Outlining your thoughts beforehand also helps you to keep your essays succinct — and stay under those word limits!

Also, note Samantha’s comment that the outline ultimately comes from the applicant — not from an admissions consultant. Like all ethical admissions consultants, we will never tell you what to write or write your essays for you. Everything you submit will be your own words and ideas; we’re here to help you present them with as much clarity and impact and you can muster.

As Scott says, once your essays start to take shape for a particular school, you should take a step back and see how they all fit together. Ask yourself: Together, do they present all of the messages that you want to come through in your application? Do they help you demonstrate a good fit with your target school? Do they present the profile of a well-rounded applicant who stands out from the pack? If not, then consider going back to the drawing board until you are able to fit all of your key themes into your essays (while answering the questions asked, of course).

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