HBS 2+2 Program Admissions Statistics for 2009

This past week Harvard Business School released its admissions decisions for the HBS 2+2 Program. HBS has admitted 115 students, which is nine more than last year, according to Director of Admissions Dee Leopold in an interview with the Harvard Crimson.

This year 843 rising college seniors applied to the program, an increase of more than 33% since last year, when 630 students applied. The number of students admitted also increased (from 106 last year), although the overall acceptance rate has dipped to just 13.6% (from 16.8% in 2008) because of all those additional applicants.

The increased number of applicants is at least in part a reflection of how much work the HBS admissions office did this past year to spread the word about the program. The HBS 2+2 staff visited nearly 60 undergraduate colleges and universities, according to the article. As word of mouth grows and HBS continues to market the program, we expect the number of 2+2 applicants to keep growing significantly over the next few years.

In the article, Leopold made a concerted effort to dispel the notion that the 2+2 Program is a Harvard-only program. Still, nearly a quarter of those admitted to the program are Harvard undergrads, so the program still has some work to do in diversifying its student body.

Also, all of our “older” clients likely won’t be pleased to see that HBS has carved out another nine seats for 2+2 students. While this trend does not help you if you’re already out in the working world, we still believe that HBS will have to add another section to its class by the time the first 2+2 students — who graduated from college this past spring — enter HBS in Fall 2010.

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