Introducing MBA Admissions Videos from Veritas Prep!

In Veritas Prep’s ongoing quest to provide business school applicants with the best GMAT prep and MBA admissions resources, we will roll out a series of video tips in the coming weeks. Rather than shooting a lot of “talking head” videos, we decided it would be fun to bring together some of our admissions experts for a day of shooting the breeze and sharing some of our own experiences in working with applicants. The result is a series of short, informative videos that should give you food for thought as you start to plan your application.

The first video in our series captures some discussion around the question of “What’s the biggest mistake applicants make in their essays?” While we had seemingly dozens of examples to share, we thought these points, made by our own Samantha Johnston and Chad Troutwine, represent the kind of mistakes that we see far too often — when applicants provide mundane, factual answers to questions, and fail to put “real meat” into their essay responses.

(You can go to YouTube to watch the video in a larger size.)

There are plenty more videos on the way, and we’ll release them one at a time. Yes, there will be some “talking head” videos in there (we couldn’t resist), but we hope for most of them to capture real snippets of the kinds of conversations that take place at Veritas Prep headquarters every day!