How MBA Applicants Can Demonstrate Leadership

In our ongoing quest to provide you with the best MBA admissions resources available anywhere, we present the second video in our MBA admissions series: How MBA Applicants Can Demonstrate Leadership.

So many applicants come to us every year with concerns about a lack of leadership experiences. When we dig a little deeper, we often find they they do in fact have great leadership experiences to talk about, although they may not come from traditional leadership roles, such as a big job title at work, military rank, team captain, etc. It’s an applicant’s ability to identify and clearly communicate these less obvious leadership stories that can make the difference between admissions to or rejection from a competitive MBA program.

(You can go to YouTube to watch the video in a larger size.)

As our own Samantha Johnston likes to say, leadership is a set of behaviors, not a job title or a rank. Leadership can come in many flavors, and shows up in many settings. As Paul Lanzillotti says, the richest leadership stories exhibit a blend of professional experiences and personal values — you not only achieved results, but you did so in a way that’s consistent with your core values.

Watch the video and think about what leadership experiences you might be able to draw upon in your own applications. You think of some outside of your job title and day-to-day responsibilities at work? How did you accomplish something that no one else could have done without you? Those stories often make for the richest leadership examples in your MBA admissions essays.