Cool MBA Tool: List of Online Pre-MBA Courses in Calculus, Accounting, Finance and Statistics

Applying to MBA programs and need to bolster your GPA?

The one issue I see with MBA applicants is their inability to properly account for their undergraduate performance:

  • Most think that an admissions comittee will gloss over a few low grades during the applicant’s freshman year.
  • Other’s believe that using the optional application essay to point out low academic performance or non-traditional undergraduate degree will suffice.

However, these applicants are missing the point.

  • Admissions committees are keen on the “show and tell” not just the “tell”. Most applicants miss the opportunity to bolster their undergraduate performance by taking recent courses relavent to the MBA experience.
  • Remember that demonstrated success in quantitative coursework is a strong signal to an admissions committee that you can handle the quantitative rigor of the MBA core courses.
  • Throwing gasoline on the fire, most MBA are torn between a number of current professional and personal responsibilities that push this priority to just below watching paint dry.

To help the prospective MBA get a grasp on taking an additional course(s) to bolster their academics, I have put together a list of online courses via Google docs.

  • Admissions committees want to see an A grade in these courses. They are less concerned about the school name and online/in-class format.
  • Click here: List of Pre-MBA Online Courses

Paul Lanzillotti