Announcing Veritas Prep’s Medical School Admissions Consulting

We are pleased to announce the latest offering to Veritas Prep’s many admissions consulting options: Medical School Admissions Consulting.

There is arguably no greater application challenge than applying to medical school. Comprised of multiple in-depth components, a medical school admissions cycle is like a law school application (the AMCAS application, complete with the personal statement requirement), an MBA application (supplemental applications, consisting of a variety of unique essay questions), and a job interview (grueling Interview Days) all rolled into one, 8-to-10 month gauntlet. It is a process that puts candidates and their motivations to the test, as medical schools look far and wide for tomorrow’s doctors – people who are passionate about medicine and have the intelligence, courage, and dedication to practice in an ever-changing health care environment.

Fortunately for medical school applicants, Veritas Prep has created a tailored, targeted mix of services that allow candidates to get a handle on the process without requiring dozens of hours of consulting. By focusing on the foundational elements of the process – the personal statement, the essays, and interviews – Veritas Prep can help applicants maximize each application component in a cost-effective and efficient manner. One highlight in particular is the unique Application Essentials package which starts with a client resume, builds a positioning strategy, and then moves toward perfection of either the personal statement or a set of essays. And for those clients who seek more comprehensive services, we offer hourly consulting, complete with recommended time allotments.

With a team of over a dozen expert medical school admissions consultants, Veritas Prep provides clients with a customized approach to the process. All of our consultants are former admissions representatives, published authors, or both. As always, the hallmarks of Veritas Prep are expertise and level of care and both traits are evident in each of our talented consultants.

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