Announcing MBA Admissions Blueprint: New York June 2009!

After the tremendous success of last December’s event in New York City, next month Veritas Prep will run its second MBA Admissions Blueprint event, on June 20 in New York City. This event will give you the chance to meet one-on-one with a Veritas Prep admissions expert and get a head start on your business school applications.

If you plan on applying to business school this fall, MBA Admissions Blueprint will help you significantly boost your chances of success. The coming year is shaping up to be another competitive admissions season, and this event will help you quickly get up to speed on what admissions officers look for in the perfect applicant — and how to stand out from a crowded field of applicants who all have a background similar to yours.

Especially if you only recently have decided to apply — and we know that’s the case for many of our clients, who have unfortunately lost their jobs or seen their job prospects deteriorate because of the economy — this event will help you get up to speed on your application in just one weekend.

MBA Admissions Blueprint will also give you a chance to meet one-on-one with a Veritas Prep admissions expert. You can use this hour however you’d like — to get a feel for your chances, formulate an application strategy, give your essays a thorough review, or prepare for an upcoming MBA admissions interview.

For $250 you will attend the Saturday admissions workshop as well as an hour with a Veritas Prep admissions expert on Sunday — all for the price of what applicants normally to work with one of our consultants for just one hour.

Enrollment is limited to the first 30 people who respond. Register here!

If you’re not in the New York area, but still want to meet one-on-one with an admissions expert, don’t worry… We have something coming for you soon!