The HBR Debate: How to Fix Business Schools

Due to the current state of affairs with the economy, many people have been questioning business school programs. Can we blame them for our economic woes? Should they have done more (or less?) to help us avoid the situation? Do they need to be changed/fixed? Is that even possible? Are they even relevant any more?

In light of such questioning, the Harvard Business Review has begun an online discussion with many experts weighing in. The disucssion is already underway, with two articles (and one audio opinion) having been posted.

I expect this to be an interesting debate, with many different opinions and suggestions coming forth, and I encourage all of our readers to check it out. You can view the articles here (just keep in mind that the articles are listed with the most recent at top). And as always, we’d love to read your opinions on the matter in the comments section.

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