GMAT Tip of the Week

Make No Mistake

(This is one of a series of GMAT tips that we offer on our blog.)

If you’re serious about GMAT preparation, you have undoubtedly taken (or will take) a series of practice tests to replicate the test experience and work on pacing, stamina, etc. (At Veritas Prep, we offer our students 15 CAT exams, and you can access a free GMAT practice exam on our web site). Most tests have some useful diagnostic features that will demonstrate the time you took on each question, your performance on major question categories, etc. But as you have read in this space previously, one true key to peak performance is to be aware of the errors that you tend to make in particular, and the software isn’t quite advanced enough to highlight those for you.

To better understand your own mistakes in your own way, a simple activity is to go back through 2-3 practice tests that you’ve taken and label each of your mistakes with 4-6 keywords of your own. Examples could include “Data Sufficiency, didn’t forget first statement” or “Strengthen argument, misread conclusion”. The tests themselves may alert you to the fact that you missed, say, 6 of 15 Data Sufficiency questions, but with closer inspection you can determine just which errors you’re making when you do miss them. Then, if you scan those keywords to find repeats (Microsoft Excel can do this pretty easily for you), you’ll have a better idea of just which mistakes you’re prone to making, and you can focus your attention on them.

Your strategy for GMAT success should certainly include become more comfortable with the various skills and question types required, but you’ll likely find that you can increase your score just as significantly by minimizing the errors you tend to make most commonly. Minimize your errors, and maximize your score!

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