HBS 2+2 Program Podcast

In a new podcast on the HBS web site, Assistant Director of MBA Admissions Kerry McLaughlin, interviewed Andrea Kimmel from HBS 2+2 Program admissions, and Mark Michaelman, a recent 2+2 Program admit from Northeastern University. The podcast provides a nice overview of Harvard’s rationale for launching the program last year, as well as some advice for rising college seniors who may apply to the program this summer.

Kimmel explained that the impetus for creating the HBS 2+2 Program was when the school realized who wasn’t applying to HBS. Explained Kimmel, “We realized there was a real opportunity to start to talk to younger people who maybe would never have business or an MBA degree on their radar screen.” The admissions officers especially had scientists, engineers, liberal arts majors in mind when they created the program — how to turn them on to the idea of a graduate business education before they go too far down another professional path?

Even though the HBS 2+2 Program attracted more than 630 applicants in its first admissions cycle (and admitted 106 of them), the school is aggressively promoting the program to attract an even more diverse applicant pool in the coming year. “Since launching it, we have been on over 80 college campuses, and that number continues to grow,” said Kimmel. “We’re looking forward to having an even higher number of applications in the second year.”

New admit Mark Michaelman then went on to describe the application process. Not surprisingly, the real challenge for a rising college senior is to balance schoolwork and the application process. “As long as you keep track of it and organize your schedule, it tends to be pretty straightforward.”

Kerry made a point of emphasizing that the HBS 2+2 Program will accept the GRE this coming year, which is consistent with the program’s mission to attract more applicants who may not have considered an MBA until now. In Michaelman’s case, he plans on pursuing a chemical engineering-related job for the next two years, before enrolling in HBS in the Fall of 2011. He plans on moving into a managerial position in the same field once he graduates with a Harvard MBA in 2013.

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