Veritas Prep on the Cover of Entrepreneur Magazine

Veritas Prep has hit your local newsstand! This month’s issue of Entrepreneur Magazine features a cover story about Veritas Prep and its two co-founders, Markus Moberg and Chad Troutwine. The story describes how Veritas Prep evolved from an idea for how to build a better test prep company to a winning business plan entry to a startup run out of their dining room to the fastest-growing GMAT prep and admissions consulting company in the world.

We’ve enjoyed seeing the company get so much publicity for its success, and it was really flattering when the article compared Veritas Prep to other companies that have taken on industry leaders and won, such as Apple, Netflix, and Google. We are also glad that the article emphasizes how obsessed we are with keeping our curriculum on the leading edge and maintaining a team of instructors of the highest quality. This is exactly how we have become so successful, and will always be the case, no matter how large Veritas Prep grows.

Most importantly, the story validates all of the hard work that the entire team has done, starting with Chad and Markus back in 2002, to the first employee they hired to help answer phones, to the whole team that we have today. We have a really dedicated hard-working team, from everyone at Veritas Prep HQ to every GMAT instructor and admissions consultant who works every day to help someone get into the grad school of their choice. This article is a celebration of everyone’s hard work and success!

Click here to read the Entrepreneur article. If you’re new to Veritas Prep and want to learn more about how we can help you, take a look at the GMAT prep and admissions consulting services that we offer.