HBS Round Two Admissions Interviews

Last week the Harvard Business School’s Dee Leopold posted a short message on the HBS admissions blog about the timing for Round Two admissions interview invitations:

On February 9 we will send out invitations to interview. The invitation will come in an email from HBS MBA Admissions and will contain detailed instructions about how to sign up for interviews both on campus and in hub cities. Please be assured that if we see you haven’t signed up for an interview by the end of the week, we will contact you by phone…thus there’s no reason to be anxious about lost emails, etc.

Shortly afterward, I’ll update you here as to how many invitations have been issued and how many we expect will go out between February 10 and the April 2 notification date.

Note the second part. While a majority of interview invites will likely go out on Feb. 9, don’t despair if you don’t hear anything on that day. The admissions office will be working through thousands of applications, and they may not get to yours for another few weeks or more.

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