Update from the HBS Admissions Office

Last week Dee Leopold posted a Round One update on the HBS blog.

Leopold and her team are now in the process of reviewing applicants who have already interviewed for Round One, and they expect to continue doing so up until the school’s Jan. 21 notification deadline. They are also putting some applicants onto the Round One waitlist, and Leopold says that she expects to waitlist around 100 Round One applicants.

If you’re waitlisted, don’t despair — you may be invited to interview along with Round Two applicants. “Thus, you could say that a Round One waitlist decision is essentially a ‘further consideration’ message,” says Leopold.

Given the anticipated surge in applications this year, especially in Round Two, we expect HBS and other top business schools to make heavy use of waitlists this year. They may like the looks of your candidacy, but if they’re not sure just how big the Round Two wave will be, they may decide to wait until February before making a decision on your candidacy.

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