Announcing Veritas Prep’s JD/MBA Admissions Consulting

We are pleased to announce the latest offering to Veritas Prep’s admissions consulting options: JD/MBA Admissions consulting.

The choice of whether to pursue a law degree or an MBA has always featured a certain amount of crossover and the convergence of those two professional degrees has become even more of a nexus point this fall in light of the current economic climate. For many, the choice has become both, rather than one or the other. Given the rise in popularity of the JD/MBA, it makes sense that a company like Veritas Prep become the industry expert on the subject.

With its team of hundreds of expert business school and law school admissions consultants representing the most comprehensive possible approach to MBA and JD admissions, Veritas Prep has created another start-to-finish process that helps candidates determine whether the JD/MBA is right for them and then assists them in crafting the best possible applications to the nation’s elite joint degree programs.

The hallmarks of Veritas Prep are expertise and level of care. Each of these attributes are on full display here as clients are paired with an expert law school admissions consultant and an MBA admissions specialist from the program of their choosing. The level of specificity provided by our “school specific” pairing model enables the client and consultant to work with unrivaled focus, strategy, and thoroughness.

If you’re interested in general law school admissions or business school admissions consulting, visit our web site to learn more!